Delegate Knight Files Legislation to Correct Oversight to Benefits for Surviving Spouses of Veterans Killed in War

Virginia Beach, VA – Delegate Knight, representative to the 81st District in the Virginia House of Delegates, files legislation that will correct an oversight to the Virginia code. In the Commonwealth of Virginia, surviving spouses of military service members that are killed in war are granted a property tax exemption of up to $300,000.00 the value of the property. Originally, the legislation incorporated service members that were ruled by the federal government as Killed In Action (KIA). Service members that are taken to field hospitals and sadly pass away due to their service on the front are said to have “Died of War Wounds”, therefore their spouses do not qualify for the tax exemption.

“I believe the full intent of the General Assembly was to support the spouses of our heroes when they make the ultimate sacrifice whether it is on the front or in the hospital. No spouse should have to prove the heroism of their loved one.” — Delegate Barry D. Knight

Delegate Knight’s legislation will open the exemption to the surviving spouses of those who are ruled as “Died of War Wounds.” This will ensure the spouses will receive the property tax exemption. This legislation will correct the oversight, and will also implement the original intent of the program when it was brought to a vote in the Virginia General Assembly.

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