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Welcome to the Official Website of Delegate Barry D. Knight

croppedHello Friends,
As a lifelong resident of Virginia Beach and native of the Pungo area of our city, I feel it is a special honor and privilege in serving such a unique part of our commonwealth.

Some of our community members families have not only called this part of Virginia home for their entire lives, they and their families have lived the American experience from the time of our nation’s founding.

While it is important to protect and preserve the way of life for the citizens of the 81st District, it is also important to look to the future of our young people to assure that they have greater opportunities in their lifetime as well as the warm friendships and lifelong bonds of the place we call home.

I am elected to serve the citizens of the 81st District and I urge you to please contact myself or my office if there is any way we can be of assistance to you, a family member or loved one with any agency or our state government. I also solicit your ideas and opinions on the conduct of our state government and how they directly impact you in your day-to-day lives.


The Virginia State Legislature

generalassemblybuildingThe Virginia General Assembly is the longest-serving legislature in the western hemisphere and meets in the capitol building that was designed by none other than Thomas Jefferson. This building was completed in 1788 and expanded in 1904.

Previously, the General Assembly was known as the House of Burgesses, consisted of only 22 members and met in a church located in Jamestown, Virginia because it was the only building at that time large enough to accommodate the meetings. The General Assembly then moved to Williamsburg, Virginia in 1699. The house of Burgesses began their work in 1619 and wasn’t known as the Virginia General Assembly until our state constitution was ratified in 1776. The government was moved to Richmond in 1780 during the administration of Governor Thomas Jefferson, and the General Assembly has met there ever since. Today, the Virginia Legislature consists of the House of Delegates with 100 members and the Senate which consists of 40 members.

Recent renovations to the building have included a new visitors center that contains many artifacts from the history of our commonwealth as well as statues and works of art that serve to illustrate the history of Virginia.




When Does the General Assembly Meet?

Section 6, Article IV of the Virginia Constitution states that the General Assembly is to convene annually on the second Wednesday in January. In even-numbered years, regular sessions are limited to sixty days. In odd-numbered years, regular sessions are limited to thirty days. Section 6 allows the General Assembly to extend its regular sessions by thirty days if two-thirds of each house vote to extend the session.

Section 6 allows the Governor of Virginia to convene special sessions of the General Assembly. Section 6 also allows for a special session to be called when it is requested by two-thirds of the members of each house.



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